Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Alternate Universe Travelling

The last few days have been unconventionally busy.   For several of them I have had to go to TWO places per day, when I usually try to keep things to one trip per day with quiet days in between.   (Where we live, most outings involve travel time of 40 minutes up to 2 hours).    When I speak of two places per day, I mean two separate times of day to two different locations, not just a cluster of errands, which would be routine for us.  

Yesterday was a trip to town (2 hours travel time) to see Krylak's teacher.   It ended up not actually happening, because she had a schedule conflict and our communication slipped up.   But I dropped off his papers at least; and Inryllm went to the grocery store and we managed a detour to the donut store and Starbuck's so it wasn't a completely wasted trip.  I also got to spend some off-task time with my youngest, which doesn't happen often enough.

Then we were supposed to have the small appliance guy show up to fix our freezer, which deluges water instead of making ice like it is supposed to (we've turned off the spigot, so presently it doesn't do either).    And a guy was supposed to haul off the dumpster thing where we've been piling our green waste (pine needles and branches etc).   But neither of those happened, and we didn't hear from either of these two usually reliable contracters, which made me wonder if we have taken a side turn into an alternate universe.    But there are probably explanations more compatible with the lex parsimoniae.

Onrylak made pizza at night.   I stayed in the kitchen as adviser so I got to spend some time with this fifth child as well.

In the evening I had a church board meeting, which is also slightly Twilight Zone like.   My first ever, and I have to say it was pretty lively.   I got voted in as music director.    This music thing keeps growing, in a sort of ridiculous way considering what an amateur I am.     I got another possible music venue, which involves more travel, so Inryllm is opposed.

The board meeting lasted 2 and a half hours and involved 40 minutes of travel time.  When we got back all the lights in the house were out.   More Twilight Zone!   It turned out my granddaughter and her parents were playing a mild prank on us.   Anrylak thought it was hilarious when the lights went on (turning them off is one of his favorite jokes too) and went hopping upstairs chuckling insanely.     ARA kept telling me about the "dark" and "gamma come home mass".     I like the way she recasts every experience into narrative.   Right now I hear her talking about the tree that Grandpa felled with the chainsaw back on Labor Day.

In down moments during these past few days I finished a shawl I designed myself with Van Dyke panels.    I'm blocking it right now but I hope to take a picture and write some notes on the construction.   It turned out all right.   It was an amazingly fast knit using Kriskrafter's cast-on method of increasing and a Deborah Norville cotton-silk blend worsted in aubergine.

The one I am working on right now is a modified version of this Zaria.   I have mixed feelings about it.  The yarn is delightful (Knitpicks fingering weight comfy cotton blend) .   But I decided to make the shawl in stockinette stitch and let it grow assymetrically (increase on one side, decrease on the other), and I'm uneasy about the decision.   Probably should have done it as written.

Time to get lessons ready for the boys.

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