Sunday, September 11, 2016

Autumn Shawls and Everyday Life

It's cloudy today with the smell of rain on the ground.   Nice reminder of autumn, without severe cold involved.

A busy week is ahead.   I am taking today easy.   No biking, though I may take a walk with Inryllm later.  Maybe do a little lesson planning and looking through church music.   I have a couple of emails to write.    Actually, thinking about it, there are a lot of things I want to get to today.    But I hope in a leisurely way.

Here is the self-designed shawl I made last week:

You can find the panel stitch pattern here.

I used Kriskrafter's method of starting at the center and increasing in both directions.  You simply cast on a given number of stitches at the beginning of each row.    It made it easy to add on the stitches for new panels as I gained enough extra stitches.

Here is my modified Zaria.

I was uneasy about it, but I'm fairly OK with how it turned out.  You can see a mistake where I accidentally allowed a garter ridge to show up.    I made a kind of mesh stripe on the wider part of the shawl to integrate the lilac and brown colors and I was glad I did.   It's nice and drapy and soft to wear.

This photo shows the whole thing but also shows too much background.   The box on the ground is my son's collection of Hot Wheels.   He had them arranged on a board as a "traffic jam" complete with police cars and an ambulance on the side handling an accident scene.   I had the board in the bathroom because his toddler niece was tempted to make the accident even more catastropic.  But eventually it became part of the landscape, and we took it down until he gets inspired to build it again.

After I finished those, I made a quick modified colonnade shawlet.    I realize that shawlets or head kerchiefs are my way of experimenting and making swatches -- something I do not have the patience to do.    Also, my way of stashbusting -- getting rid of those half-skeins of yarn from earlier projects.  I used Lion Heartland.    I think I'll try a real colonnade sometime.

Now I'm working on a Dandy Neckerchief also with a remnant of Heartland yarn.    I am making a modification to make it longer and narrower at the top -- casting on 5-stitch increases every time I cycle through a 10-row repetition.  

After I finish that, I'm thinking of making a more voluminous shawl/scarf type thing.  The weather is definitely chilling out.

The next post will be about something besides knitting -- I hope --  maybe a homeschooling update.

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